The next Cinema Los Angeles Festival session will be held in New York in October 26-31, 2018 as a part of the World Film Fair. There are about 100 festivals attending with their best works for screening and promotion: https://worldfilmfair.com/screening   
Our Cinema Los Angeles will recommend and submit to the World Film Fair the best works from all of our past and current sessions.
About World Film Fair
World Film Fair is a platform for over 100 Film Festivals around the globe where all budgets, genres and geographies are represented in one place. Whatever type of creative work you are looking for, you can be sure to find it at the World Film Fair. Projects from 80 countries over the course of the 5 days with attendance of more than 250,000 people with an additional 4,800,000 people participating in 25 talks and post-film conversations from afar via Facebook Live. Attending World Film Fair event opens up opportunities to meet and do business with leading industry professionals from the New York area. The World Film Fair is a global platform that gives access to distribution companies, production companies and investors all under one roof.
The main goal of Cinema Los Angeles is to present the most exciting and inspiring new works on film being made today.
And equally, to promote an understanding and appreciation of the world through moving pictures.