PROGRAM 2018 and AWARD NOMINATED FILMS in the passed event

AWARD NOMINATED FILMS in the passed event
7:00 PM I'm Your Smile
7:07 PM Secret Agent Problems
7:17 PM Passion Boulevard
7:42 PM The Very Private Work Of Sister K
9:19 PM Cuckold Picasso
9:24 PM The Breakout: A Rock Opera
10:11 PM Clyde's Game
10:34 PM Birds Dropping
10:45 PM The Chair
10:46 PM Crime Confidential
11:06 PM Sheltered
11:11 PM Remember Us
11:39 PM Lifeless
Cinema Los Angeles is a Film Festival which annually takes place in central Los Angeles at Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas, 180 Promenade Way, Westlake Village, CA 91362, USA.

We encourage artists from around the world to apply for our Programs. Through ticketed events, open applications, and by invitation, we offer workshops with accomplished professionals, and ongoing support to advance the development and production of independent work. At the Festival’s core is a commitment to champion the creation of unique work by individual storytellers. Support for independent storytellers.

At the Festival there are many different sectors regarding the production, distribution and promotion of a film. These are designed to help films being shown to the largest audience receive funding and wider releases in order to give the filmmakers more exposure for their hard work.

We have opened an ‘Investor’s Sector’ in the Cinema Los Angeles in order to provide filmmakers with a greater opportunity to gain access to investments. Too often talented writers and directors don’t have the ability to gain funding for their projects so more people are coming together to help these brilliant, creative people produce their movies. Film festivals are about showcasing talent and by introducing this programme there will now be help for quality screenplays to get funding and eventually come to fruition as movies.

Another problem that many independent filmmakers have is the promotion of their production and many of these smaller films are left without any mainstream exposure. This is where the ‘Marketing Sector’ comes in, helping filmmakers to promote their movies to a much wider audience and to create publicity for smaller projects which may not have the budget to do so on their own. Many independent filmmakers are under the impression that their distribution companies will offer them money to use for promotion, however this is often not the case. This leaves many projects with little or no advertising despite them being of a very high quality and mainstream appeal, reducing the coverage of talented professionals in the world of cinema. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a film and without adequate investment in this areas films can often be left with only minimal audiences despite their obvious quality.

The mission of the ‘Film Distribution Sector’ is to help filmmakers at the Cinema Los Angeles to sign deals with distribution companies to help them show their films in a variety of different locations. If a film is given a larger distribution deal then it is likely that it will be seen by a wider audience giving greater exposure to the filmmaker, the actors and everyone else involved with the production. These deals are incredibly important for independent films and many don’t end up finding one despite being a very well made and interesting film. We want to help directors and producers contact distribution companies and organise deals to give films from the Cinema Los Angeles wider exposure throughout USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.




The Feature Film Program embraces the discovery and development of independent filmmakers, encouraging a rigorous creative process with a focus on original and deeply resonant storytelling.


The Documentary Film Program supports the development, production and presentation of nonfiction films around the world.


We have witnessed an explosion in the opportunities available for writers developing episodic content for Internet use and online platforms.


Open to all artists, and held around the country, Workshops and Day Labs offer participants premium resources and expert advice on topics ranging from screenwriting to digital distribution.
These intensive versions of our Lab experience provide opportunities for artists to be inspired in their storytelling and empowered to advance their projects to the next phase.


Passed Event in November 2016