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Event Place:
6476 Santa Monica Blvd 
Hollywood, CA 90038
Passed events:

Cinema Los Angeles Festival Screening
December 9, 2017 from 11AM - 10PM
Time Movie Tittle Synopsis
11AM - 2PM Screening
11:00 AM Don't Look Away When a teenage girl tells her dad about a mysterious figure staring at her, all her father can say is: "DON'T LOOK AWAY".
11:13 AM Handle with Care James takes a job housesitting for Raphael Vargas, an esteemed and eccentric entomologist famed in the insect science community for his incredible bug-communication techniques. The house is filled with tanks containing dangerous and potentially lethal creepy-crawlies. When one of the little guys escapes, James has a lot more to worry about than watching over the house.
11:27 AM Pizza Shop A girl wants to go out with her jerk-of-a boyfriend, but he only wants something to eat, so she orders a pizza. She encounters a pizza boy who is attracted to her.
11:37 AM S.A.M. Sam, a soft-spoken android, struggles to express his newfound feelings for his human co-worker. Seeking to overcome his insecurities he attempts to upgrade his personality, with disastrous results.
11:55 AM Friction There is an underground effort to revolt against the local officials due to police brutality and friction arises between conflicting beliefs and views between local revolution leaders on their pursuit of change.
1:16 PM Eating Ladybugs Playing pretend is hard when real life gets in the way.
1:28 PM Free Meal In bizarre and comical way this short satire will pull you in its spell - and what, if such a thing happened once to me?
1:43 PM Stolen When a struggling writer poses for an 'uber-esque' driver and confronts a Hollywood Producer, a past is unveiled and a future is uncertain.
Time Movie Tittle Synopsis
2PM - 7PM Screening
2:00 PM SUSAN & THOMAS The film is the free form stream of consciousness narrative of Susan Sontag's first encounter with her then literary idol Thomas Mann as a precocious high school student living in 1947 LA, and it is based on Sontag's 1987 New Yorker magazine essay 'Pilgrimage.' Though the story is sequential in nature, the non linear visuals mix chronological time to evoke the layered, disjointed, and elusive nature of memory filtered through experience and identification.
2:36 PM Born Guilty

BORN GUILTY is the story of a lonely and frazzled New York social worker (Rosanna Arquette) who can’t resist the urge to intervene in her son Marty’s life. Meanwhile, Marty (Jay Devore) is trying to be creative in his advertising career and manage a romantic relationship at the same time, on top of constantly talking his mother off the ledge. When Marty's free-spirited Aussie pal Rawl (David Coussins) shows up, Marty hires Rawl to see Judy and "restore her to health" -- any way it takes. Director Max Heller's heartfelt, ensemble comedy is filled with wry, sly, funny and sexy connections reminiscent of Nora Ephron, Woody Allen and Rob Reiner’s romantic concoctions.

4:17 PM Real Hollywood Two Asian American brothers, Trev and Frits, move to Hollywood to become movie stars.
4:27 PM There is a Madness America. A country on the brink of collapse yet still enthusiastically infatuated with glorifying war and materialism. This short will portray contemporary culture in the most extreme of satirical ways as we view a meeting of peculiar villains discussing their agendas.
4:36 PM Ripples on the Water After losing his wife and contemplating suicide, Leo has a life-changing encounter with a young man who tries to rob him.
4:55 PM Hooked A short film about the cycle of addiction within a suburban multi-racial family who happens to be headed by the town's chief narcotics investigator.
5:04 PM Lucy In My Eyes On the eve of her wedding, Lucy has a conversation with her six year old self.
5:20 PM THIS MODERN MAN IS BEAT In a world of cultural confusion and erroneous judgment, Habib bin Habib al Fulan pawns his last possesion and reconciles with his American wife.A suspenseful tale of self-delusion.
5:42 PM Grown Ups Two young women return home for their aunt's funeral and discover that they may have also lost their mother - to addiction.
6:07 PM Turtleface 1988, Darlington, South Carolina: two misfits thrown together in a forced rite of passage find an unexpected connection.
Time Movie Tittle Synopsis
7PM - 10PM Screening
7:00 PM Trust (And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves to Sleep at Night) After graduating from college, getting dumped by his girlfriend, and witnessing a robbery, a young man is forced to go on an all night adventure with a mysterious woman and her band of misfits.
8:30 PM Mistress Jane A L.A. based Dominatrix suffering from depression will try to change her life after falling in love with one of her clients.
8:48 PM Last Supper A premonition??? or Ground Hog Day??? or Purgatory??? Gee wakes up from a nightmarish dream only to find himself slowly living out the dream minute by minute.... Was it just a mere dream? A glimpse into the future of himself, his family, and the family legacy that they all shared? Or is he reliving his past all over again? Doomed to repeat his and his families past transgressions...
9:06 PM Committed In this DC Comics fan film, The Joker and Harley Quinn take a time-out from battling Batman to explore their own issues... in couples' therapy.
9:22 PM I Got It Wrong Make me clean, God, but not yet.
9:32 PM Where's my phone? Troubled teen loses last connection with her reality.
9:37 PM Dreams of Drowning This is an experimental short from The National Women's Film Project - a water poem about women drowning in relationships.
Cinema Los Angeles is a Film Festival which annually was held in central Los Angeles at Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas, 180 Promenade Way, Westlake Village, CA 91362, USA.

We encourage artists from around the world to apply for our Programs. Through ticketed events, open applications, and by invitation, we offer workshops with accomplished professionals, and ongoing support to advance the development and production of independent work. At the Festival’s core is a commitment to champion the creation of unique work by individual storytellers. Support for independent storytellers.

At the Festival there are many different sectors regarding the production, distribution and promotion of a film. These are designed to help films being shown to the largest audience receive funding and wider releases in order to give the filmmakers more exposure for their hard work.

We have opened an ‘Investor’s Sector’ in the Cinema Los Angeles in order to provide filmmakers with a greater opportunity to gain access to investments. Too often talented writers and directors don’t have the ability to gain funding for their projects so more people are coming together to help these brilliant, creative people produce their movies. Film festivals are about showcasing talent and by introducing this programme there will now be help for quality screenplays to get funding and eventually come to fruition as movies.

Another problem that many independent filmmakers have is the promotion of their production and many of these smaller films are left without any mainstream exposure. This is where the ‘Marketing Sector’ comes in, helping filmmakers to promote their movies to a much wider audience and to create publicity for smaller projects which may not have the budget to do so on their own. Many independent filmmakers are under the impression that their distribution companies will offer them money to use for promotion, however this is often not the case. This leaves many projects with little or no advertising despite them being of a very high quality and mainstream appeal, reducing the coverage of talented professionals in the world of cinema. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a film and without adequate investment in this areas films can often be left with only minimal audiences despite their obvious quality.

The mission of the ‘Film Distribution Sector’ is to help filmmakers at the Cinema Los Angeles to sign deals with distribution companies to help them show their films in a variety of different locations. If a film is given a larger distribution deal then it is likely that it will be seen by a wider audience giving greater exposure to the filmmaker, the actors and everyone else involved with the production. These deals are incredibly important for independent films and many don’t end up finding one despite being a very well made and interesting film. We want to help directors and producers contact distribution companies and organise deals to give films from the Cinema Los Angeles wider exposure throughout USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.




The Feature Film Program embraces the discovery and development of independent filmmakers, encouraging a rigorous creative process with a focus on original and deeply resonant storytelling.


The Documentary Film Program supports the development, production and presentation of nonfiction films around the world.


We have witnessed an explosion in the opportunities available for writers developing episodic content for Internet use and online platforms.


Open to all artists, and held around the country, Workshops and Day Labs offer participants premium resources and expert advice on topics ranging from screenwriting to digital distribution.
These intensive versions of our Lab experience provide opportunities for artists to be inspired in their storytelling and empowered to advance their projects to the next phase.


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